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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                185

him as a learned man, and as he was one also,
he requested the loan of vingt sous. The doctor
grew very uneasy, as he observed the man roll
his eyes about qucerens quern devoret, and thought
his only chance of saving his purse and life was
to acquiesce; accordingly, he dived into his
greasy fob. Alas! no sous were there; Madame
Anne had carried them all to market; so the
poor physician was forced to lug out an ecu.
" And, would you believe it!" he added, " the
rascal jumped up and carried it off without return-
ing the change I"*

February i6th, 1797.

I have this morning agreed upon all the
terms of the general exchange of prisoners. It is
a delightful idea that it should fall to my lot, and
be in my power, par un trait de plume, to restore

i Young Baron   de   K-----   was  more  prudent.    The

beautiful Madame-----, who was said to have purloined and

pawned the jewels of one  of  her   admirers,  met K-----'s

intimate friend, and said, " I have fallen in love with
Monsieur de K-----; bring him to me." The friend de-
livered the message, upon which the Baron, who did not
possess even a gold brooch, ring, or the most trifling trinket,
exclaimed, " Etes vous fou, mon ami, de me proposer une
telle abomination ? Peste! si j'y allois, elle mes voleroit
mes bijoux.*'